Jewelry Organizer How-To

I’m big believer in being organized. It saves you time, space, and not to mention sanity when you’re in a rush and need to find something quick. When it comes to jewelry, I have lots of it – I love to accessorize outfits with statement necklaces and earrings. A few weeks back I purchased this cork board (from Home Goods) for my kitchen. I quickly realized that it was too big for the space I had in mind, so I decided to keep it and make my own jewelry organizer by using some thin hanging wire and nails. Now I have a fun way to display all my jewelry and even sunglasses.

{Step 1- Hammer in thin nails one inch a part}

{Step 2- Hammer in 1 nail on each side of board. Then wrap thin wire across board}

{Step 3- Hang jewelry and enjoy display}

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